cladDVD .NET 3.4.2

Сорри, очень влом переводить. Кто знает о чем речь, тот поймет:

cladDVD .NET is a DVD ripper that can pretty much rip any DVD just the way you want it as it uses vStrip for the decryption. This means you can rip a single file, complete title set or main movie as is, or, even better, initiate IFO Parsing (default) and rip the exact selected ProGram Chain (PGC). It includes all the extended options like 'Multi-Angles', detection of 'Mastering Errors', 'MacroVision' removal, 'Key-Search' intensities and 'Audio Stream' re-mapping. It also includes a 'FrameServe' option giving direct control and execution of the DVD2AVI program (included) to aid in the process of converting to Video-CD by creating the 'D2V' and 'WAV' file.

Изменения в релизе:
-Will now scan for and use a mapped network dvd-rom drive
-Doesn't require ASPI anymore
-Will automatically add the 'VIDEO_TS' folder when ripping in 'File Mode'

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