UltraFXP v0.9941 (2003-10-20)

UltraFXP is an FTP client for Microsoft® Windows. It can transfer files from FTP servers directly to and from your local hard drive, or transfer files between FTP sites (site to site transfer). The user interface is very intuitive and full of features, synchronization of folders and drag 'n drop.

УльтраФХП - фтп клиент , очень качественный. Можно качать/закачивать как с локального компа на сайт, так и site-to-site (с сервера на сервер). Всем советую посмотреть ;)

Что обновили:

New : custom auto handle NAT when FXP or List dir with pasv mode, (Preferences\Misc)
New : Split icons to ufxpicon.dll
New : Custom FXP PASV setting per site
New : Custom toolbutton of FTP Toolbar and switch big/small icons "Tools"/"Custom toolbar"
New : Import/Export for "Site Filter"/"Skip list"/"Ascii files"
New : Check disk space before downloading
New : Use active mode to upload/download (Preferences\Misc)
New : Now Local port limit accept format :"500,1024-1050,4000".
New : current transfering queue item will be blue color
New : "Is it in filter"(tools menu) to help you find which filter item apply to the filtered folder/file
New : Sing site connect testing (double click select working ip item will apply to site host/ip)
New : Press Shift when use "transfer"/"queue" will skip filter
New : Apply container window to tabbed page
New : UF_Raw_MIRC(sitename: string; rawCommand: string; mode: Integer;disconnect: Integer); mode = 0(use default mirc annouce setting) disconnect = 0(disconnect)/1(dont disconnect) //reg ver only
New : UF_RemoveDirOrFile(sitename: string; bookmarkname: string; dirname: string; folderKind: Integer; bookmarkKind: Integer; disconnect: Integer); folderKind = 0(dir)/1(file) bookmarkKind = 0(bookmark)/1(path) disconnect = 0(disconnect)/1(dont disconnect) //reg ver only
New : "STAT -l" now working for ioFTPD/RaidenFTPD STAT command too
Fix : Total transfered record was copied to clipbard when open site manager
Fix : Small fix "Access violation" when delete container
Fix : "Transfer" toolbutton didnt switch left/right window status
Fix : Deleted site still be showed at "site query"/"all sites test"
Fix : "Stop" button disabled too fast when find files at ftp server
Fix : F9 didnt make tray icon into flashing state
Fix : added horz hscroll bar for log window
Fix : added "Copy" menuitem for log window
Fix : added "Copy"/"Clear" to sys log window
Fix : added checked status for current language menu item
Fix : download/upload progress bar was from 0% evenif resume downloading/uploading
Fix : buttons of FTP toolbar disappear when resize width of Remote/Local window
Fix : Now FTP login working when password is empty at serv-U FTP server
Fix : when upgrading, UltraFXP said "no new version" when login failed
Fix : Now UF_FXPDIR will not use container which stopped and have queue inside
Fix : TAB Key was not valid at Fast connect ip/port/user/pass
Fix : Memory leak at "Test All Sites" and "Test" not working after "Test All Sites"
Fix : More minor updates

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