Wadada Leo Smith - Ten Freedom Summers [2012]

Wadada Leo Smith - Ten Freedom Summers [2012]

Wadada Leo Smith - Ten Freedom Summers [2012]

Стиль: Avantgarde / Free Jazz
uploaded by hitman74

Список треков:

01. Dred Scott, 1857
02. Malik Al Shabazz and the People of the Shahada
03. Emmett Till: Defiant, Fearless
04. Thurgood Marshall and Brown vs. Board of Education: A Dream of Equal Education, 1954
05. John F. Kennedy's New Frontier and the Space Age, 1960

01. Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott, 381 Days
02. Black Church
03. Freedom Summer: Voter Registration, Acts of Compassion and Empowerment, 1964
04. Lyndon B. Johnson's Great Society and the Civil Rights Act of 1964

01. The Freedom Riders Ride
02. Medgar Evers: A Love-Voice of a Thousand Years' Journey for Liberty and Justice
03. The D.C. Wall: A War Memorial for All Times
04. Buzzsaw: The Myth of a Free Press
05. The Little Rock Nine: A Force for Desegregation in Education, 1957

01. America, Pts. 1, 2 & 3
02. September 11th, 2001: A Memorial
03. Fannie Lou Hamer and the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, 1964
04. Democracy
05. Martin Luther King, Jr.: Memphis, the Prophecy

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